Texas Educator Excellence Management System

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We've partnered with ESC Region 18 and Texas Center for Educator Excellence to bring you the Texas Educator Excellence Management System (TEEMS), a user-friendly, web-based data system for recruiting, identifying, incentivizing, and retaining effective educators through data-driven decisions. TEEMS supports the practice of measuring progress by allowing you to create student growth measures and establish your own professional learning and growth goals for each school year.

TEEMS combines different sets of data (i.e. student growth, evaluation from rubrics such as T-TESS and T-PESS) to help districts identify overall performance and determine additional compensation for educators who achieve certain designations, and make other informed decisions as needed.

Users of DMAC and Eduphoria! can use TEEMS as a complementary product for monitoring student progress. Districts implementing the Teacher Incentive Allotment can use TEEMS to manage the reporting of teacher effectiveness and impact.