The S.E.E. Center at ESC Region 13


The S.E.E. Center at ESC Region 13 provides quality training and support for those who want to learn or improve their Signing Exact English skills. We also offer ESSE training and testing for state certification of Educational Interpreters.

What is SEE?

Signing Exact English (S.E.E.) is a sign language system that represents literal English. It is a tool to make visible everything that is not heard. Since American Sign Language (ASL) has a different vocabulary, idioms, and syntax from English, SEE modifies and supplements the vocabulary of ASL so children/students can see clearly what is said in English.

What We Provide

  • Basic introductory information about deafness, communication, and resources.
  • Sign skill workshops – online and in-person
  • Educational Sign Skills Evaluations (ESSE) and preparation webinars
  • Signing Exact English Dictionaries – two sizes of paperback and an online dictionary
    • The SEE Online Dictionary is now available through the Region 13 Product Store. Visit the store for more information or to purchase a one-year subscription.
  • Online visual dictionary of 1600 SEE signs to supplement the Signing Exact English Dictionary
  • Signing Exact English Using Affixes – paperback bound