New Teacher Coaching: XLR8 Instruction

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Jumpstart Coaching Package


We offer concentrated support and coaching, which Includes:

  • Initial visit, observation, and debrief with the teacher to determine current reality and set goals
  • Stakeholder meeting with administrator, mentor, coach, and teacher to facilitate communication and align goals
  • Three mini-coaching cycles (additional mini-coaching cycle or customized release day $825 each)
  • One day of release time to analyze data, observe peer teachers, debrief with peer teachers, set goals, and co-plan (sub required)
  • Wrap-up stakeholder meeting to celebrate progress and plan for the continuation of support.

Why invest money and time into new teachers?

"Repeated turnover thwarts the kind of continuity needed to build sustained, trustful relationships among teachers, students, and families" (UCEA Policy Brief – January 2018).

The cost of coaching is significantly lower than the cost of hiring a new teacher, at an average of $17,872 (Morrison, 2019).

Teacher retention rates after one year were 11% higher in the group who received high-intensity coaching, compared with a control group of new teachers (New Teacher Center Study).

New teachers reported that a coach who was "external to the district inspired privacy and trust... and feedback was valued for being supportive rather than evaluative” (North Carolina New Teacher Support Program).

How can we help?

We are instructional coaches who:

  • are trained in the latest research
  • use active listening skills
  • use effective questioning skills
  • provide emotional support
  • provide problem-focused support
  • expand teachers' capacity for critical self-reflection

We build trust and relationships quickly to establish a safe space for vulnerability, partnership, risk-taking, and growth.

We have the time to dedicate to your new teachers, working alongside them in the classroom so new teachers can learn, implement, and reflect in the moment.