Leadership Coaching

  • Custom Dates
  • $150

According to Reeves (2015), “Effective leadership has a profound and direct impact on student achievement.” That's why Strong School Leadership and Planning is the first Prioritized Lever of the Effective Schools Framework.

Our Leadership Coaching process creates a structured and trusted partnership to provide coaching for leaders in their fast-paced, decision-making roles. Through the coaching collaboration, we guide leaders to recognize and maximize the pivotal moments they have for achieving personal and organizational goals. Our professional leadership coaches support leaders in everything from just-in-time decision making to long range planning.

How it works:

You can create your own schedule to receive coaching via phone or online video. During these one-hour coaching calls, our coaches help you individualize your sessions to include such things as: thinking carefully about goals, clarifying plans, navigating critical conversations, creating action steps, monitoring your progress toward your goals, as well as reflecting on the effectiveness of your overall leadership.

What's included?

You'll decide the frequency of coaching you receive based on your personal goals and individual needs. We recommend our coaching for leaders starter package that includes 6-8 sessions with your personal leadership coach.