Introduction to the Active Learning Approach: Strategies for Teaching Students with Visual and Multiple Disabilities

  • Online
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $45

Workshop description

The Active Learning approach is based on the work of Dr. Lilli Nielsen and emphasizes that all individuals, including students with significant and multiple disabilities, learn best by active participation, which is achieved by creating an enriched environment that fosters independent and developmentally appropriate learning.

Note: The Active Learning approach was developed for students who are at a developmental level of 4 years and under.

In this introductory workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of the Active Learning approach, including:

  • The 5 key points of Active Learning
  • The Dynamic Learning Circle (4 stages of learning)
  • The 5 Phases of Educational Treatment and how implementing them can positively impact social and emotional development in students with significant and multiple disabilities
  • Active Learning equipment resources
  • Planning and assessment resources

***Participants are highly encouraged to come to the training with a specific student they serve in mind (i.e. a student with multiple disabilties, VI or deafblind) and to attend with teachers and/or related service providers from their campus (i.e. a teacher attending with an OT or VI teacher as a team).

***This workshop is comprised of two virtual, live meetings and one hour of course content that participants must view on their own in Canvas.