Curriculum Planning Tools: Course Organizer

  • Self Guided
  • Online
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $85

About this course

According to Marzano, a guaranteed workable curriculum may be the single largest factor that determines how many students in a school will learn critical content. School leaders and teachers need to be able to identify essential content standards for developing intellectual skills including higher order thinking.

In this self-directed online course, participants will analyze the TEKS to identify power Standards all students must learn. They will also generate course and unit level questions, classify significant concepts, and construct formative assessments or tasks to evaluate student learning. Participants will create a graphic organizer known as the Strategic Instruction Model Course Organizer to use as a course road map with students.

This online course includes a copy of the Course Organizer Routine, after you register you will be contacted to confirm your shipping address. A copyrighted electronic pdf is also provided with permission of KUCRL in the course so you can get started right away.