Building Self-Awareness and Self-Management

  • Online
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $80
  • Included in our Learning Bundle

Workshop description

This workshop highlights the CASEL competency of self-awareness. Metacognition is thinking about our own thinking. Positive metacognitions regarding our emotions, thoughts, and values influence our behavior.

The abilities to interact well with others, succeed in reaching our goals, and create meaning in our work is essential to building a strong self-image. When we reach these social and emotional milestones, our strong self-image becomes self-efficacy, the belief that we are capable and worthy. Self-efficacy is the only statistically significant variable predicting college, career, trade, and military readiness.

The practice of building self-awareness and finding our passion can be instrumental to student growth and success. Trauma, isolation, and lack of motivation inhibit many students from reaching life goals.

You'll learn strategies to build self-efficacy through self-awareness. The students will achieve greater emotional awareness, better regulate negative thinking, behave more appropriately, and move toward realizing their own potential.