A Curriculum Road Map for Students: Unit Organizer

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  • 6 CPE Credits
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  • Effective Schools Framework Aligned Workshop

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Aligned with the Effective Schools Framework Lever 5 EA 5.1 Objective-driven daily lesson plans with formative assessments

Whether a class is being taught for the first time or the fiftieth, a “road map” always helps the instructor and the students stay on track and understand where they’ve been and where they are going. During this course, particpants will create course and unit curriulum maps with detailed graphic organizers to involve students in their content learning over the year and in each unit of study. The Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) course and unit organizers will be created during the curriculum planning process and then used with students during instruction to build active student engagement and improved learning of the Student Expectations in the TEKS.

A Curriculum Road Map with the Unit Organzier:

Without a good road map, a car trip can be a wild adventure into the great unknown. While a wild adventure may be interesting, you’re likely to take a few wrong turns and maybe even miss your destination! Don’t let this happen to the students in your class. Give them the road map they need with the Unit Organizer Routine. At the heart of this routine is a graphic organizer called a Unit Organizer—a road map, if you will — depicting how a particular unit in a course is structured. It shows the different components of the unit that is about to be taught and outlines a schedule of activities for the unit. In addition, it gives students essential unit questions based upon critical content and assessments to guide their learning. To make the journey more meaningful, students help the teacher construct this map at the beginning of a unit, and add to it as they progress through the unit. As a result, they have a clear idea of what they are learning and how that information relates to other units in the course.

Being clear with students about what they're learning has the potential of almost doubling their academic growth in a year according to John Hattie's meta-analyses of research which indicated teacher clarity had an effect size of 0.72.